Lifelines, Youth Suicide Prevention

What is Lifelines?

Lifelines is a comprehensive youth suicide prevention program that targets the entire school community. It has four sequential components for administration, school faculty/staff, parents, and students.  Lifelines meets the requirements of HEA 1430 - Suicide Awareness and Prevention. 


What are the goals of Lifelines?

  • To increase the likelihood that members of the school community can more easily identify potentially suicidal youth, know how to initially respond to them and how to rapidly get help for them.

  • To increase the likelihood that troubled adolescents are aware of and have immediate access to helping resources and seek such help as an alternative to suicidal actions. 


Contact Tom Shriver, our Lifelines Program Coordinator, to learn more about Lifelines.  He can be reached by email at or by phone at 317-759-8008.