Our Team

Melissa Peregrin 

Executive Director

"Our greatest responsibility as adults is to ensure safety and security for the children in our lives. It is truly my honor to serve the children in our community to protect them from harm and allow them the opportunity to reach their highest potential."



Director of Programs

 "I consider my job an honor.  Working to empower our most cherished population is an awesome undertaking.  It is critical that children are allowed to grow up in a safe environment and are able to meet their greatest potential.  I welcome the opportunity to develop and deliver a curriculum that provides children with the knowledge needed to help protect themselves".  



Olivia Cloer

Director of Development

"Every child deserves to have a safe, fun childhood where they feel valued and protected. I'm thrilled to be a part of this passionate team that works to prevent child sexual abuse and youth suicide. Through continued support and education, I believe our community can be a safe, vibrant place for children to learn, grow, and play."



Jodi Redick-Battle

Suicide Prevention Coordinator
"Hope is what gives the WILL."


Lauren Ayers

Education Scheduling Coordinator