Jack Powell, Ed.D.

Executive Director

 “I am pleased to partner with the talented staff and Board of Chaucie’s place.  I am looking forward to advancing its mission to empower the community to reduce child sexual abuse and youth suicide - so critical to the future of our state’s young people.”


Brady F. Powers, M.A. 

Director of Programs 

"No child should feel they are alone in this world when confronting abuse or considering taking their life. Chaucie's Place allows me to be that someone who is standing and supporting that child, as well as training others to listen, stand and help prevent child sexual abuse, youth suicide and bullying."


Melissa Peregrin 

Lifelines ® Prevention & Education Coordinator

"All children deserve to be protected. I am so excited to be part of the tremendously important work being done by the Chaucie's Place team every single day."


Michele Wiseley

Prevention & Education Manager

"I am privileged to serve on the Chaucie's Place team, to contribute to the prevention of and education about child sexual abuse and teen suicide. Every Hoosier child deserves to feel safe and treasured, as they are our hope for the future!"


Jennifer Thompson, MSW, LSW

Volunteer Coordinator

"I am grateful to be a part of an amazing team at Chaucie's Place. I have a passion for helping others and Chaucie's Place is my opportunity to pursue this by training and working with our amazing volunteers and educating the community on the prevention of child sexual abuse and youth suicide."


Konnor Speicher

Research Assistant

"I am incredibly blessed to be employed here at Chaucie's Place. It is a very beautiful thing when a passion and career come together."


Michelle Mates


 "Chaucie's Place provides me the opportunity to help lessen and, hopefully, eliminate child sexual abuse and youth suicide through education.  I consider it a privilege to work at a place which focuses on the prevention of two horrors all too common in our world. Children are our most cherished gifts on this earth.  An essential key component to keeping them safe is to educate all members of the community."