Who is Chaucie?

Chaucie Quillen was born on September 3, 1974. She grew up in Carmel, where she excelled in both academics and athletics. It seemed Chaucie had a wonderful life. In reality, her father had been sexually abusing her since she was 10 years of age. Chaucie found the courage to report her abuse when she was 18. Her father was prosecuted, but after a two-week trial the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict. The case was subsequently resolved through plea negotiations and Chaucie’s father received a sentence on charges of sexual battery. The strain of her abuse by her father and the inability of the legal system to adequately address her case took its toll and on December 26, 1995 Chaucie took her own life. Everyone involved in Chaucie’s case wondered what could have been done differently and how to prevent this outcome from happening to other victims of abuse in Hamilton County. The solution: CHAUCIE'S PLACE.

What is Chaucie’s Place?

Chaucie’s Place is a child advocacy organization in Hamilton County that focuses on the prevention of child sexual abuse and youth suicide. Chaucie’s Place is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that opened its doors on April 30, 2001. Chaucie’s Place educates both children and adults through our prevention and education programs Smart Steps: A Body Safety Program for Children©, Stewards of Children® and Lifelines® Youth Suicide Prevention Program.

The Goals of Chaucie's Place are:

  • To prevent child sexual abuse and youth suicide by offering evidence-informed high-quality prevention programs for children and adults
  • To empower children and adults to ensure that children of central Indiana have the opportunity to live to their highest potential
  • To be a resource for organizations and community members to help better protect children from sexual abuse and suicide